Want to streamline and optimize your logistics operations?

The innovative user-centered solutions of STC Software are the perfect tools to optimize and make your logistics process more efficient. STELVIO Business Consulting is partner of SCT Software for the implementation and maintenance of their Cartonization and Carrier Service Selection software.

CSO® and XPS® are available as SAP® Add-ons, for ECC and S4/HANA, which integrate perfectly with your sales order to deliver process. Form Sales Order creation to Goods Issue and Track & Trace, CSO and XPS will ensure and optimized packing and shipping process.


Dynamic Cartonization Logic, Built for SAP®.

Designed within SAP®’s ECC, EWM and TM environments, CSO’s cartonization and packing software eliminates guesswork by systematically recommending the most cost effective packing solution for each shipment, in line with business rules and shipping regulations. The advanced Cartonization algorithm optimizes the placement of items within cartons and containers reducing material, freight and labor costs. Connected to a On-demand packaging system, producing cartons with the exact required dimensions, CSO® even delivers more added value.

Want to know what CSO® can do for you? With a packing simulation of deliveries and shipments from your SAP production system, we can show the benefits.

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XPS® provides users with the ability to route, pack, ship and manifest deliveries all from within your existing SAP landscape. No more using software of multiple carriers and manual processing. XPS® integrates and automates the complete shipping process, from Carrier Service Selection during order entry until last minute selection at Goods Issue based on the actual packing data.

XPS® provides functionality for packing, shipping, label generation, manifesting, track and trace, invoicing and freight cost auditing.

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Streamlined Supply Chain Visibility, Built for SAP®

By extending their existing SAP environments with SCT xTrack, high-volume shippers can unleash data points from every part of their supply chain to support end-to-end shipping integration and automation.
These digital touch points allow for increased efficiency, cross-carrier visibility, traceability, and a simplified shipping process. xTrack is designed to work seamlessly within users’ existing SAP Cloud landscapes, giving them the ability to manage and respond to real-time shipping realities like never before.
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Brochure – XPS Cross-Carrier Packing and Shipping

STELVIO Business Consulting

Consultancy and implementation services

Our consultants are experienced in the area of On-demand Packaging, Carrier Service Selection and Transportation with SCT Software and SAP.

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