SAP Logistics

STELVIO Business Consulting has experienced Logistics Consultants in many areas. Most of them with more than 20 years experience in Logistic SAP Processes. having a strong Logistic Business background next to our system knowledge.

Amongst others we have experience in the following Industries:

  • Electronics
  • High Tech
  • Chemical
  • Medical Device
  • Pharma
  • Dairy
  • Aviation
  • Beverage

Our Logistic Consultants have been involved in the follow areas:

  • Shipment and Delivery Processing
  • Shipment Costing
  • Transport Tendering in Bulk Chemical Industry
    • SAP Enterprise portal and Interface scenario’s for Logistics Service Providers.
    • Strategic transport tendering (RFQ with comparison and contracting tools)
    • Operational tendering (xRFQ)
  • For a large Medical Device Company
  • Automatic calculation of optimal packaging for outbound deliveries based on
    • Packaging on Demand; Automatic box creation using Panotec machines and their Boxlink software
    • Automatic Routing of boxes on conveyors in a warehouse through an interface with the Conveyor Control System from Inther
    • Automatic Document Appliance via Interfacing
    • Automatic Customer Return Booking and Status Management with DHL ELP

Supply Chain Business Process Expert for a large petrochemical company