STELVIO Business Consulting has emerged from a group of consultants who wanted to start their own company, having the idea to start a partnership with like-minded colleagues. After many discussions and talks, this resulted in a group of enthusiastic consultants, who want to be responsible, accountable and transparent to our customers and to each other.

Each consultants has a long time experience and track record to be proud of, with long term relationships with their customers. With our broad experience in areas of SAP Supply Chain Management and Logistics, SAP EAM, SAP Sales, SAP Customer Service and Project Management and the related Business Processes, going through multiple full cycle implementations, we don’t take things for granted. Trying to find the ‘Why’ behind a request or a question, is driving us to find the right solution.

Whether you are looking for an experienced consultant for a large project in the warehouse integration area, many plant maintenance areas, EDI integrations in any of the mentioned areas, transportation management, returns processing, integration of logistic processes of acquired companies or low profile ‘how-to’ advise

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SAP Logistics, Project management.

Pascal Zweipfenning, Stelvio Business Consulting
SAP EAM, Project management.
Perry van der Steen, Stelvio Business Consulting
SAP Logistics, Project management.
Roger Beentjes, Stelvio Business Consulting

EAM Consultant

Tijs Kolsters, Stelvio Business Consulting

Trainee EAM

Bas Soentjens, Stelvio Business Consulting